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End to End Service

We are more than just a chart supplier-—we help you manage all your navigational requirements. 

We know that your business is unique, and our specialist service reflects that. Tankers and container ships have very different support requirements, and offshore support vessels are different again. We have experts to support you no matter what your size or area of business. 

We provide a 24 hour a day, seven-day a week response from our dedicated offices in the UAE, UK and India. We support all of your vessels, wherever they are in the world. Our main distribution warehouse is located in Dubai, close to one of the world’s main distribution hubs at Dubai Airport. So we can get charts and other products to you quickly wherever you are. And for UAE ports, we offer same day chart delivery. 

Every one of our charts is up to date at the point of supply; you can be assured that we will have carried out any necessary corrections in line with ADMIRALTY requirements. 

Navigating the Digital Transition

We have already helped many companies make the transition from paper to digital solutions, and ensured that they are compliant as the use of Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems becomes mandatory. 

In the long run we are confident that these digital systems along with the AVCS — the ADMIRALTY Vector Chart Service — will become simpler, cheaper and quicker than existing systems. We know that the transition is complex and challenging for many of our customers, and we are there to help every step of the way. 

We will help our customers to understand what systems are mandatory, and to evaluate available products. We will support their cost-benefit analysis and help them choose amongst the wide range of available products and solutions. 

Our partner, the innovative Aberdeen-based company Jargoon, has developed SEALL, an ECDIS which promises a new approach to electronic navigation that is simple, user-friendly and at the cutting edge of technology. SEALL encapsulates the fundamental principles of ECDIS, utilising all of the functionalities and capabilities of a compliant system while making best use of features such as touch screen compatibility. SEALL allows the user to simplify navigational tasks such as route planning and route monitoring by allowing touch gestures as part of a system that is intuitive and responsive.

We already offer a wide range of solutions in this space and we will broaden that range. Knowing that many vessels will continue to use paper charts for many years, we will support those vessels for as long as paper charts remain available. We will continue to stock and supply a huge range of paper charts and products, and introduce Print on Demand charts where these are the best solution.

Outfit Management System

Our unrivalled traditional support is matched by our new online Outfit Management System. This lets you as a customer instantly view our indexes and all of the information held on each of your vessels. That includes all the standard reporting functions and will enable you to see at a glance that your charts are complete, current and compliant.

We are now developing this system to allow our customers and their vessels to monitor their overall usage and track their expenditure. We are also enhancing our back office systems to include a new planning tool that will be linked to our OMS to provide value added planning functions using paper charts rather than the ENC database. This will give our customers a clear path for a transition from paper based systems to something that is completely electronic and online without the need to change the tools they are using.

All of our systems are fully integrated, and are designed from the ground up to support your navigational needs. There are no previous legacy systems to get in the way. We intend stripping back the whole supply process to make it even more simple, error free and therefore more efficient for our customers.

Our systems will initially support our customers in the UAE, Gulf and India, but over time we will develop our specialist services for specific types of vessels and offer them globally on a case by case basis. 

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