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Folio Management Service

Helping with your compliance…

Port State Control Inspections are essential in maintaining safety of both ships and crews. Inspectors are increasingly scrutinising a ships portfolio of nautical charts and publications.

Uniting our team of maritime specialists and experienced sales staff, who between them have been exposed to other competing folio management systems over many years, have enabled us to be very explicit in the development of our own Folio Management service that will help remove the risk of not keeping your fleet compliant with carriage requirements and International regulations.

We have taken a simple approach…

Our system maintains a detailed inventory of charts and publications, including the latest edition and the current edition on-board, which some other competing systems are unable to track.

Once a month, or more frequently if required, our system will generate a pick list of which new edition items and correction data is required by each individual ship. The system can also provide a supply quotation for approval before anything is delivered to the ship.

Flexibility of frequency…

Automatic - Automated despatch of required new editions

On Demand – New editions despatched as when requested by ship

Advisory – Advice of new editions required with ability to select items to be despatched.

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